Great Pre-School Experience Starts Here

Kindergarten (K1 and K2) years are critical for young learners. Our experienced teachers will tap into your child’s natural curiosity to help boost school readiness. Our engaging lessons make the most of current learning technology, while eschewing digital screens by offering plenty of thematic hands-on play and exploration. This includes our exclusive Roobotics® program, which introduces coding and robotics children love!

Our kindergarten programs are taught in a safe, familiar environment children know and love. This makes learning more fun and effective. It is an academically rich, learn through play, all-day program with regular parent-teacher meetings. It prepares children for primary school and beyond.

Our kindergarten programs feature:

Small class size
Individualized attention
Our thematic approach is a blend of learning and fun, designed to turn children into lifelong learners

Moments of Your Kindergartener’s Time with Us

Each day at our centers, nursery children create artwork, explore books, learn about the rest of the world, play characters and movement games. In this way they learn following directions and other key skills for learning success.

Purposeful Play Is Early Education

Each day is packed with carefully designed activities structured around the six main development areas. Here are a few example activities:

Your Kindergartener's Developmental Areas

Language and Literacy Development

• engage in longer conversations with adults and other children using a greater variety of words
• recognize his or her own name and begin to write it using both letters and letter-like shapes

Executive Function

• take on more advanced activities independently
• pay attention to a person or activity for above fifteen minutes
• examine new objects or situations with deeper curiosity
• control impulses with fewer adult reminders

Social and Emotional Development

• build relationships with familiar adults, talking about thoughts and needs with them
• learn to create and engage games amongst children
• play with other children showing the ability to resolve disagreements independently
• express a variety of emotions by incorporating emotions into pretend play

Physical Development and Wellness

• Learning cooperative and competitive games
• improve writing accuracy and reading skills
• begin to gain independence with life skills like showering, cleaning up
• identify and understand healthy eating habits and learning to choose them

Cognitive Development

• understand deeper concepts of math, advanced counting
• engage in pretend play with other children to make a complete scenario
• understand and participate in scientific experiments

Creative Expression

• create detailed artwork that involves multiple medium and scenarios
• play a character role in simple dramatic scenarios from books
• repeat more complex melodies and rhythm patterns
• Prepare for graduation concert with dance, drama and recitals